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Not bad

Very simple and do exactly what is described. One function which could make me give 5 stars is to add a sound every x seconds, for workout when you cant see your screen ;)


Serves its purpose and its perfect for that. Im using it for my home workout to keep track of my set pauses and its just perfect for that, in full screen mode as well as in any other size. Thanks!

Simple but good.

The only thing that would make this better is a function to input workouts, nothing spectacular, just simplicity. IE ive got a bike set 5min warm up (so it would count down) then 4x(1minintervalwith30seconds recovery) screen flashes or beeps etc when 1 min is done, then again after 30 sec et etc. also a counting down feature would be nice too

Please enable hours

I love this app. The only reason I gave it 2 stars was because there is no setting to enable hours. Please, just make it a choice.

Decent basic clock app

The clock does as advertised……it ticks away. It is handy when working out or timing activities. It would be great, if you could set an audible signal at regular intervals, say every minute or 30 seconds. Another useful feature would be an alarm, signalling the end of a workout or the end of a training segment. For me, those are the only features that are missing. Doug

This is wonderful.

This is wonderful. Pace Cloc is very easy to use very simply. I use this Pace Clock at a rehabilitation exercise. I thank the developer. 大変素晴らしいです。 非常にシンプルで、とても使いやすい。 私はリハビリの時に使っています。 開発された方に、感謝しています。

no controls

How do i control it, there are no controls, you cant set the timer

Perfect in its simplicity!

Its exactly what it says it is, and what I need. I dont use it for pushups, but who knows, maybe someday Ill be inspired enough to drop and give the creator 20.

No controls

No options to control it.. How does this make since?

Nice but has a memory leak

I left the application running for a few days on my desktop and it grew up to over gigabytes of used ram (confirmed in "top" output). Please fix the memory leak. I would be nice to have an option to display the hours as well.

Just what it says

My Wii just broke, and I am learning to do the workouts I used to do on the Wii by myself, and this clock is perfect. Running 60 sec, squatting 30 sec, etc. Great!

Perfect for visually impaired people

I have poor eyesight and when I work out I take off my glasses. This is perfect as I can still see the time without my glasses unlike other clock apps.

Feature Request

This is a great, simple app! Id love to be able to input a time to start from though, for instance, Id love to count up from 4:00. Thanks!

The whole world should try it.

Simple, easy shortcuts.


This is perfect! I use a NordicTrack skier (purchased used, without any electronics), and I needed a good way to track time without wearing a watch or trying to attach something to the skier. I can easily see this clock across the room without my glasses, and that’s exactly what I wanted. I like the “Reset to Zero” option, but I’m even more fond of the “Current Time" option (showing minutes and seconds only) because I can easily time my exercise while also keeping track of the time of day.

Great for what it is

I really like this app, it’s minimal and useful. However, I wish it had the option to have clock run indefinitely, instead of resetting at 59:59. and less importantly, a record lap function would be nice.

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